Olive's Big Picture

Our mission is to eliminate single-use packaging from e-commerce.

25 years into e-commerce — a quarter of a century! — and not much has changed about the way orders are delivered. We're Olive, and we're here to create the most sustainable delivery & returns experience for brands and their customers.

Who We Are

Olive is a delivery & returns service designed to make e-commerce more eco-friendly. We’re able to provide waste-free delivery through the use of our reusable packaging, made almost entirely from recycled materials. We deliver them to your home and pick them back up to be used again by the next customer — and bring back any returns to the retailer in the process. By returning the packaging your delivery came in, you help us eliminate single-use packaging and keep your home free of clutter.


Hi. I'm Nate, the founder of Olive.

Olive's journey began with the realization that today's e-commerce delivery experience is ripe for innovation. One evening, after breaking down a week's worth of boxes and dragging them outside, I looked around and realized that everyone's trash situation was identical: overflowing with cardboard. We have been shopping online for over 25 years, and we still receive our purchases in single-use boxes filled with plastic air bubbles. Americans now break down over 10 billion cardboard boxes each year! Olive's mission is to eliminate single-use packaging from e-commerce. You can feel good that every time you choose Olive as your shipping method at one of our partners, you are taking a step towards a more sustainable future.


Help Us Reinvent Deliveries & Returns

We are a kind, hard-working, experienced team reinventing delivery & returns from the ground up. We are building a technology platform to power a more delightful and sustainable e-commerce experience. And we’re always looking for people who share in our mission to join us.